Hi folks - my name is Korny (my full name Kornelis Sietsma - but folks can’t pronounce or remember Kornelis so I go by ‘Korny’) and I’m a software developer, old-school Agilista (but sad at how that term is no longer Safe to use), parent, geek, and occasional blogger. I’m from Australia and Australian at heart, but now migrated permanently to the UK, married to a lovely British wife and with two exhausting but amazing kids.

I have an info site at https://korny.info and an open source side project - the Polyglot Code Tools which is all about visualising large amounts of source code. And updates are extremely intermittent!

I worked for 12 wonderful years at Thoughtworks, but in 2023 I quit and am moving on to new things (I probably still haven’t updated all my online info to reflect this yet!)

My blogging is intermittent depending on how busy I am with life, work, parenting and the rest. I also sometimes post on Mastodon for more regular and random updates.