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Playing with Rust and Copilot

3 minute read

The world is full of AI hype aright now - and often it’s blown out of proportion, both on the “everything is fine” side and the “machines are going to take o...

New job, new blog!

less than 1 minute read

I quit my job! Yes, after 12 amazing years at Thoughtworks, I decided it was time to move on. I’m starting a new job in November - more on that later - but ...

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Interesting folks to follow on Mastodon

6 minute read

My highly-idiosyncratic list of interesting people on Mastodon I’ve been really enjoying moving from the crumbling mess of Twitter, to the chaotic federated...

New polyglot code tools releases

4 minute read

My sabbatical is winding up, I naturally got far less coding done than I expected! Our lovely daughter has had a big sleep regression, so a lot of my focus ...

A geeky kind of sabbatical

6 minute read

A geeky kind of sabbatical I am on sabbatical! After 10 years at Thoughtworks, I’m getting a nice long break. (I’ve actually been on sabbatical for a few ...


2 minute read

Long time no blog I don’t often post personal things here, but I thought after a 15 month gap I should put something up. We are all well and happy here, bu...

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Introducing the Polyglot Code Explorer

14 minute read

The Polyglot Code Explorer is my open-source tool for visualising complex codebases written in multiple programming languages.

The swiss cheese model and acceptance tests

11 minute read

Testing and Agile I’ve seen testing, especially acceptance testing, done horribly wrongly over the years, and sadly I often see the same anti-patterns repeat...

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Excel life

1 minute read

This isn’t actually all that new - I hacked this together during a global day of coderetreat in Melbourne in 2012 - but I’ve mentioned it to a few people, an...

What on earth happened?

2 minute read

So, last significant update was 2014 - and most of the posts before that were about clojure. (I used to have a personal blog as well at but...

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It’s alive!

less than 1 minute read

I’m moving everything to Google Domains as I don’t see the value in paying for complex hosting. I’m using github pages for hosting static sites like this on...

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Clojure snippets

2 minute read

I’m planning to build a proper clojure snippets/cheat-sheet page, for all the things I do regularly, or want to encourage team members to do regularly. But ...

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