What on earth happened?

So, last significant update was 2014 - and most of the posts before that were about clojure. (I used to have a personal blog as well at blog.sietsma.com but it's a bit of a fiction separating tech from life from people stuff! Besides, I almost never have kept up either kind of blog, so I might as well merge them)

So, why the hiatus? Apart from the usual reasons that everyone always has for stoppping blogging. I have some bigger excuses. In May 2014 I had gone to work for a year in Glasgow, trying to see the world and do fun new things.

Well, since 2014 I have:

  • Met the lovely Becky Thorn (well, we met at the end of 2013, but hit it off in 2014)
  • Married the lovely Becky Thorn Sietsma
  • Transferred permanently to the UK
  • With the lovely Dr B, produced the utterly lovely Rowan Sietsma - who is now two!
  • Had four years of great crazy romantic exhausting life. Mostly exhausting, for the past 2 years - but well worth it.

So, I feel the urge to try to blog again - I have some cool things to talk about.

I'm doing less clojure - but still some, it's my main personal coding tool, and it's awesome for things like Jepsen. I have been tinkering with many other cool things though - given a few talks, presented a few internal things at ThoughtWorks event - and I really should summarise some of those for a public audience.

I also might blog a bit about parenting stuff - it's fascinating how parenting is a mix of science, pseudo science, dodgy science, and thousands of years of tradition and habit. For a quick example - did you know that most of what people think about teething - that it's painful and devastating and causes lots of side effects like fever, rashes, and diarrhoea, is probably false and just an extreme example of confusing correlation for causation?

Also I might add the occasional personal update - I've left a lot of very good friends behind in Melbourne, and not all of them are on social media, so maybe I might post updates for them (and then send them a link via ICQ or carrier pigeon or whatever tech they use)

So, hopefully you'll see more new stuff here soon. Or I'll be posting in 2023 about why I didn't blog again!

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