It’s alive!

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I’m moving everything to Google Domains as I don’t see the value in paying for complex hosting. I’m using github pages for hosting static sites like this one - I’ll see how it scales, it doesn’t have unlimited scale but I don’t think I get that many hits!

For the moment this is using my fairly creaky middleman-blog setup - I might look at moving to Jekyll as that’s what Github does best. And I fear the css here is probably pretty dated, as I haven’t done much CSS since 2013 and it’s now 2018… anyway, for now I’ll port everything with minimal effort, and in reality that’s probably all I’ll have time for, for another 4 years!

In the 4 years since I last blogged I:

  • Met a lovely person
  • Got engaged
  • Got married!
  • Had a baby!!! Who will be two in December

So I have reason to feel I’ve been busy, and will stay busy.

I still work for ThoughtWorks, though for the UK tentacle. Doing all sorts of cool things - which I should blog about, some time.