It's alive!

I'm moving everything to Google Domains as I don't see the value in paying for complex hosting. I'm using github pages for hosting static sites like this one - I'll see how it scales, it doesn't have unlimited scale but I don't think I get that many hits!


Clojure snippets

I'm planning to build a proper clojure snippets/cheat-sheet page, for all the things I do regularly, or want to encourage team members to do regularly. But it's easier to blog these to get them out rapidly, I'll try to format them nicely later.


Parsing FreeMind files

This is a bit of an addendum on my previous post. - I wanted to convert some FreeMind mind-maps into other formats. FreeMind is pretty cool, especially as it's file format is fairly straightforward XML, so lots of other mind mapping programs, like XMind, will read and write FreeMind files.


Xml manipulation in clojure

"XML is like violence - if it doesn't work, use more"

Clojure is awesome for parsing and processing structured data. It has a wide range of functions for handling lists, maps (associative arrays), sets, and (if you really need them) objects.

One great example of the power of clojure for this sort of thing is processing xml. You may hate xml, you may use json or edn or yaml or anything else you can - but ultimately, xml is still all over the place, and if you need to handle complex xml or large xml, you might want to look at clojure.


A wild blog appears!

My old blog at seems to have died - and it hadn't been updated for ages.

So I'm starting a new one here, at - there isn't much here right now, but I will work on that soon.

The blog is being built with middleman