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New polyglot code tools releases

4 minute read

My sabbatical is winding up, I naturally got far less coding done than I expected! Our lovely daughter has had a big sleep regression, so a lot of my focus ...

A geeky kind of sabbatical

6 minute read

A geeky kind of sabbatical I am on sabbatical! After 10 years at Thoughtworks, I’m getting a nice long break. (I’ve actually been on sabbatical for a few ...


2 minute read

Long time no blog I don’t often post personal things here, but I thought after a 15 month gap I should put something up. We are all well and happy here, bu...

Introducing the Polyglot Code Explorer

14 minute read

The Polyglot Code Explorer is my open-source tool for visualising complex codebases written in multiple programming languages.